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  • Amoxycillin Tri Hydrate
  • Ampicillin Tri Hydrate
  • Cloxacillin Sodium
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  • Flucloxacillin Sodium



Brand Name Composition Packing Category
C- XIME 200 LB Cefixime 200mg with LB 10x1x10 Alu-2 Antibiotic
C- XIME - O Cefixime 200 mg & Ofloxacin IP 200 mg 10x10 Alu-2 Antibiotic
SYSPOD 200 Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200mg 10x10 Alu-2 Antibiotic
AZICHEM 500 Azithromycin IP – 500 mg 10x3 Blister Antibiotic
SYSCLAV - 625 Amoxicillin 500mg + Clavulanic acid 125mg with LB 10x1x6 Alu-2 Antibiotic
WIN - NP Nimuslide I.P. 100 mg & paracetamol I.P. 325 mg 20x10 Blister Golden PVC Anti-Analgesic
MONTE - LC Levocetrizine Dihydrochloride IP 5 mg + Montelukast 10 mg 10x10 Alu-2 Allergic Asthma
SYSFEN - P Aceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 325mg 10x2x10 Blister sun set yellow Smooth Muscle Relaxant
SYSFEN - SP Aceclofenac 100mg + Paracetamol 325mg + Serratiopeptidase 15mg 10x10 Alu-2 Anti-Analgesic
SYSFEN - MR Aceclofenec 100 mg + Para 325 mg + Chlorzoxazone 250 mg 10x10 Blister Smooth Muscle Relaxant
SYSFER - XT Ferrous Ascorbate 100mg +Folic Acid 1.1mg, Methylcobalamin 1.5mg, Zinc sulphate 22.5mg 10x10 Alu-2 Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSFLOX - 500 Ciprofloxacin 500 mg 20x10 Blister Antibiotic
SYSFLOX - TZ Ciprofloxacin 500 mg + Tinidazole 600 mg 10x10 Blister Antibiotic
SYSPAS Mafenamic Acid 250mg+ Dicyclomine 10mg 4x5x10 strip Anti spasmodic
CEFUROX - 500 Cefuroxime (Axetil ) 500 mg 10x4 Alu-2 Antibiotic
CEFUROX - 625 Cefuroxime 500 mg + Clavulanic 125mg 10x1x6 Alu-2 Antibiotic
CHEM-VIT Antioxidants, Multivitamis, Multiminerals and Methylcobalamin Tablets 10x1x10 Alu-2 Nutraceutical
DIZCORT 6 Deflazacort 6 mg 10x10 Alu-2 Steroids
SYSCOLD PCM 325 mg+Cafffine Anhydrous 15mg + Phenylephrine 5mg + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2mg 4x5x10 blister Anti Cold


Brand Name Composition Packing Category
PANTOSYS - DSR Pantaprozole 40mg EC + Domperidone 30 mg (SR) 10x10 Alu-2 Anti-ulcerant
RABEZOLE - DSR Rabeprazole 20mg EC + Domperidone30 (SR ) 10x10 Alu-2 Anti-ulcerant
RABEZOLE - IT Rabeprazole 20 mg + Itopride 150mg (SR) 10x10 Alu-2 Anti-ulcerant
RABEZOLE - LD Rebeprazole 20mg + Levosulpiride 75mg 10x10 Anti-ulcerant
OMESYS Omeprazole 20 mg 15X20 Strip Anti-ulcerant
OMESYS - 10 DSR Omeprazole 20 mg + Domperidone 10 mg 15X20 Strip Anti-ulcerant
OMESYS - 30 DSR Omeprazole 20 mg + Domperidone 30 mg 15X20 Strip Anti-ulcerant
SYSBAL PLUS Methylcobalamin-1500mcg, Alphaliopic Acid-200mg, Folic Acid 0.5mg, pyridoxine HCl-1 mg 10x1x10 Alu-2 Neuroprotective
SYSMOX - DC Amoxycillin 250 mg + Dicloxacillin 250 mg with LB 10x10 Blister Antibiotic
SYSMOX - 250 Amoxycillin 250mg 15x10 Blister Antibiotic
SYSMOX - 500 Amoxycillin 500mg 10x10 Blister Antibiotic
SYSBAL PG Methylcobalamin 750mcg, Pregabalin 75mg 10x10 Alu-2 Neuroprotective
ITROSYS 100 MG Itraconazole 100MG 10x1x4 Blister Anti Fungal
ITROSYS 200 MG Itraconazole 200MG 10x1x4 Blister Anti Fungal
GLUTASYS Pre & Probiotics with L - Glutamine 10x10 Alu-2 Total Parentral Nutrition
SHAKTI 40 (Food) Ginseng, Lycopene, multivitamins, multiminerals & Antioxidants 10x1x10 Alu-2 Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSCAL - CT Each Softgel capsules contains: Calcitriol 0.25mcg, Calcium citrate malate 500mg, Vitamin k 2-7 50mcg,Zinc oxide 7.5mg
10x10 Blister Calcium Supplement
VEE SAFE Each Softgel capsules contains: Clindamycin 100mg, Clotrimazole 100mg, Tizidazole 100mg, LB 150 Million Spores. 10x1x3 Blister
PREGACARE 100 Natural Progeseterone 100 mg 10x10 Blister Harmonal
PREGACARE 200 Natural Progeseterone 200 mg 10x10 Blister Harmonal
OMEGASYS - G3 Each Softgel capsules contains: Omega 3 Fatty Acids+Ginseng + Green Tea Extract + Grape Seed Extract + Ginkgo Biloba + Garlic Powder + Guggul + Ginger Root Extract + Green Coffee Bean Extract + Glycirrhiza Glabra Extract + Lycopene + Essential amino acid L-Carnitine + L-Tartrate & Trace Elements 10x1x10 Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSCAL - 60K Each Softgel capsules contains: Cholecalciferol 60000 IU soft gel 10x1x10 Calcium Supplement


Brand Name Composition Packing Category
SEFXONE 1 GM Sterile Ceftriaxone IP –1000 mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE 500 MG Sterile Ceftriaxone IP – 500 mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE 250 MG Sterile Ceftriaxone IP– 250 mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE - S 1.5 Sterile Ceftriaxone IP – 1000mg + sulbactam IP– 500mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE - S 750 Sterile Ceftriaxone IP – 500mg + sulbactam IP– 250mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE - S 375 Sterile Ceftriaxone IP – 250mg + sulbactam IP– 125mg Vial Antibiotic
SEFXONE - TZ 1.125 Sterile Ceftriaxone IP 1000mg + Tazobactam IP 125mg Vial Antibiotic
PIROSYS - IV Piroxicam Inj 40 mg. Ampoule Antibiotic
CEFO-ZONE - S 1.5 Sterile Cefoperazone IP – 1000 mg + sulbactam IP – 500 mg Vial Antibiotic
CEFO-ZONE - S 1.0 Sterile Cefoperazone IP – 500 mg + sulbactam IP – 500 mg VIAL Antibiotic
SYSDIME - 1 GM Sterile Ceftazidime 1gm vial Antibiotic
SYSDIME - S1.5 Ceftazidime 1gm + Sulbactam 500mg Vial Antibiotic
SYSDIME -TZ 281.25 Ceftazidine 250mg+Tazobactam 31.25mg vial Antibiotic
SYSDIME -TZ 1.125 Ceftazidine 1gm+Tazobactam 125mg vial Antibiotic
SYSDIME -TM Ceftazidine 1gm+Tobramycine 120mg vial Antibiotic
AZTREOSYS Inj. Aztreonam USP eq. to Aztreonam 1gm Vial Antibiotic
SYSPIME 1GM INJ Sterile Cefepime 1gm with L-Arginine Vial Antibiotic
SYSPIME S 1.5 INJ Cefepime 1GM + sulbactam 500MG inj Vial Antibiotic
SYSPIME TZ 1.125 INJ Cefepime 1gm + Tazobactam 125MG Vial Antibiotic
TRAMASYS INJ Tramadol HCL 50mg/ML Ampoule Anti Analgesic
CITISYS 2ML INJ Citicoline 2ml Ampoule Neuroprotective
CITISYS 4ML INJ Citicoline 4ml Ampoule Neuroprotective
COLISYS 1 MIU Colistimethate sodium 1 Million I.U. Vial Antibiotic
COLISYS 2 MIU Colistimethate sodium 2 Million I.U. Vial Antibiotic
COLISYS 3MIU Colistimethate sodium 3 Million I.U. Vial Antibiotic
PREGASYS 250 INJ Hydroxy Progesterone 250mg Ampoule Harmonal
PREGASYS 500 INJ Hydroxy Progesterone 500mg Ampoule Harmonal
CLINDASYS 300 INJ Clindamycin 300MG Vial Antibiotic
CLINDASYS 600 INJ Clindamycin 600MG Vial Antibiotic
PREGACARE 100 INJ Natural Micronised Progeseterone 100 mg Ampoule Harmonal
PREGACARE 200 INJ Natural Micronised Progeseterone 200 mg Ampoule Harmonal
HYDROSYS 100 INJ Hydrocortisone Sodium 100mg Vial Steroids
HYDROSYS 200 INJ Hydrocortisone Sodium 200mg Vial Steroids
OMESYS - 40 Inj Omeprazole 40 mg inj Vial Antacid
ESOMESYS - 40 Inj Esomeprazole for injection 40mg Vial Antacid
MED-VIT INJ 2ML Multivitamins Ampoule Total Parentral Nutrition
MED-VIT INJ 10ML Multivitamins (M.V.T) Ampoule Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSRTON - INJ Ondestron 2mg/ml Ampoule Nausea
TIGESYS - IV Tigecycline inj Vial Antibiotic
VANCOSYS 500mg Inj. Vancomycin 500mg inj. Vial Antibiotic
VANCOSYS 1000mg Inj. Vancomycin 1000mg inj. Vial Antibiotic
SYPTAZ 4.5 GM Sterile Piperacillin IP 4000mg + Sterile Tazobactam IP 500mg Vial Antibiotic
IMILIFE-500 Sterile Imepenem IP 500mg + Sterile Cilastatin Sodium IP500mg Vial Antibiotic
DORISYS Doripenem 500mg VIAL Antibiotic
MEROSYS 1 GM Serile Meropenem for Inj IP 1000mg Vial Antibiotic
MEROSYS 500mg Serile Meropenem for Inj IP 500mg Vial Antibiotic
MEROSYS - SB 1.5GM Meropenem 1gm +Sulbactam 500mg Vial Antibiotic
ND 50 Nandrolone Decanoate IP 50mg (Combi Pack with Syring) Dispo pack Anabolic Steroid
ND 25 Nandrolone Decanoate IP 25mg (Combi Pack with Syring) Dispo pack Anabolic Steroid
PANTOSYS - IV Sterile Pantoprazole 40mg Vial Anti-Ulcerative
SYSBAL - IV Methylcobalamine IP -1500 mcg, Blister Pack 2 MLWith Syring Dispo pack Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSBAL - IV 1gm Methylcobalamine IP -1000 mcg + B Complex, Blister Pack 2MLWith Syring Dispo pack Total Parentral Nutrition
ARTESYS - 60mg Artesunate 60mg VIAL Antimalaria
ARTESYS - 120mg Artesunate 120mg VIAL Antimalaria
SYSCLAV-1.2GM INJ Amoxycillin 1 gm +Potassium Clavulanate 200 mg VIAL Antibiotic
SYSCLAV- 600MG INJ Amoxycillin 500mg +Potassium Clavulanate 100 mg VIAL Antibiotic
SYSCLAV- 300MG INJ Amoxycillin 250mg +Potassium Clavulanate 50 mg VIAL Antibiotic
SYSROSE - IV Iron sucrose 100mg/5ml Ampoule Total Parentral Nutrition
SYSROSE - IV50 Iron sucrose 50mg/2.5ml Ampoule Total Parentral Nutrition
CHEMCIN - 500 Amikacin Sulphate 500 mg Vial Antibiotic
CHEMCIN - 250 Amikacin Sulphate 250 mg Vial Antibiotic
SYSBAL - FORTE Methylcobalamine IP -1000 mcg, Folic Acid IP 0.7mg, Niacinamide IP 12mg, Pyridoxine hcl 100 mcg with syring Dispo pack Total Parentral Nutrition
RT-THER -150 αβ- Arteether 150 mg / 2 ml Ampoule Antimalaria
RT-THER - 75 αβ- Arteether 75 mg / 2 ml Ampoule Antimalaria
DICLOSYS - IV Diclofenac Sodium 75mg /ml Ampoule Anti Analgesic


Brand Name Composition Packing Category
KUFKIL- LT Ambroxol HCL+ Levosulbutamol+ Terbutaline sulphate 100 ML Cough Syrup
KUFKIL- DX Dextromethorphan Hydromromide + Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Guaiphenesin 100 ML Cough Syrup
SYSZYME - S (Souf flavour) Each 15 ml Contains :- Fungel diastase 50 mg + pepsin 10 mg in flavour of souf, cardamom,& clov ETC. 200 ml Digestive
SYSZYME - P (Pine apple) Each 5ml Contains :- Fungel diastase 50 mg + pepsin 10 in pine apple flavour 200ml Digestive
C-HEPRO T Each 5ml Contains:- Cyproheptadine HCl eq. to anhydrous Cyproheptadine I.P. – 2mg + Tricholine Citrate – 275mg, Flavoured Sorbitol QS, Flavoursed syrup base q.s. Colour Caramel IP 200 ml Appetizer
MED-VIT Each 5ml contains:- Multivitamins & Multiminerals Syrup ++ 200 ml Total Health Solution
CALCIWIN Each 5ml Contains approximately : Calcium corbonate IP 375 mg l-lysin hydrochloride 25 mg , vitamin d3 200 IU, vitamin b12 2.5 mcg, enegy vAlue 10 kcal 200 ml Calcium Supplement
LYCOSYS Eeach 5 ml contains : - Lycopene 10% 1000mcg, Niacinamide IP 25mg, Selenium as sodium Selinate ) 35mcg, Zinc (as Zinc gluconate USP) 3mg, Maganese (as Maganese Gluconate USP ) BP 100mcg, Iodine (As Pot. Iodide IP) 100mcg, Copper (AS Copper sulphate Pentahydrate USP) 500mcg, Pyridoxine Hcl 1.5mg, Cyanocobalamin IP 1mcg, Folic acid 100mcg, Biotin BP 100mcg, in a flavourd syrupy base. 200 ml Total Health Solution
SYSFER - XT (susp) Each 5ml Contains approximately : Ferrous Ascorbate eq. to elemental Iron 30mg, Mecobalamin 500mcg, Vitamin B1 1.5mg, Vitamin B2 1.5mg, Vitamin B3 7.5mg, Vitamin B5 1.25mg, Vitamin B6 1mg, Vitamin B9 750mcg, L- Lysine HCl 40mg, Zinc Methionine 5mg. 200 ml Iron Supplement
PRORICH - L Each 5 ml contains:- Protein Hydrolysate20% -0.333 g., Sucrose -3.000g, Niacinamide -10.00mg.,Iron Choline Citrate -15.00mg.,Magnesium Chloride - 3.333 mg, Manganese Chloride(As trace element) -0.033 mg.,Zinc Sulphate(equivalent to Elemental Zinc0.60 mg.)-2.7mg, L-Lycin MonoHCl -5mg, Energy 13.332KCal, In a flavoured syrupy base 200ml Protein Tonic


Brand Name Composition Packing Category
GYNESYS Uterine tonic for all women need 200 ml Complete women tonic
Each 5 ml contains :- Harbal tonic liver with enzyme
200 ml Hepatoprotective+ digestive
Protien powder with D H A with minerals 200 gm Nutraceutical